Facts About the Biosphere Experiment

Facts About the Biosphere Experiment – Some scientists conduct a study to find out whether humans can live in an artificial world or not. At first glance, it sounds pretty cool. History says it is billed as an “ecological laboratory and prototype planetary commune”. Was the test working properly, and for what purpose? Come on, take a closer look!

1. There are several different goals that Biosphere 2 has to achieve
Biosphere 2 is a very bold project. It is considered the second Earth, and the company behind this grand design built a completely independent complex based on the natural systems of the world. Biosphere 2 is a scientific experiment intended to determine how capable humans are of setting up bases on the moon, or on other planets.

There are more ideas from these Space Biospheres Ventures. It was designed by a private company, which The Washington Post describes as an “ecopreneurial project”. It is also meant for business, where there is a tourism factor behind it. Biosphere 2 is open to visitors, they can take a 2 hour tour of the place (from outside, of course). Space Biospheres Ventures is a testing ground for patented technologies for profit.

Facts About the Biosphere Experiment

2. The group behind Biosphere 2 isn’t quite ‘Scientific’
According to The Washington Post, from the start, the scientific community was less than impressed with the experiment. This corresponds to the group living in Biosphere 2. The Biosphere 2 program is a follower of a 70s-era community called the “Synergetic Civilization.”

The group is led by John Allen. He was a man who believed that Western civilization would collapse. He encouraged his followers to stage demonstrations and promote their vision and mission, while performing rituals.

In the 90s, Allen became the head of development for Biosphere 2. And it was Allen himself who chose the members of the commune to live in Biosphere 2. This created a big problem for the credibility of the project. As early as 1985, the news reported that the group resembled a kind of “cult”. Related to bullying, isolation, indoctrination into group beliefs, and child abuse and neglect. By the time Biosphere 2 opened, it was still debatable.

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3. What’s really inside Biosphere 2?
In 1985, The Washington Post reported that a multimillionaire named Edward Bass, donated approximately US$30 million towards the construction of Biosphere 2. The University of Arizona said that construction began in 1986. Biosphere 2 was impressively constructed, covering more than three hectares, which contains tropical rainforests, wetlands, savanna grasslands, deserts, and even has an ocean with its own coral reefs.

In the basement – which spans nearly three full hectares – is the “Technosphere”, where all equipment such as generators, “Energy Centers” and units that will help control the air temperature and humidity within the structure are stored. They also use electricity – in theory – but they have to generate their own electricity, whether that be by solar, wind, or other methods.…

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Worst Animal Experiment Ever

Worst Animal Experiment Ever – The main task of a scientist is an experiment that is carried out periodically. But what if what is done as an experiment is an animal that still has a life?

Injecting LSD into elephants

Lysergic acid diethylamide or better known as LSD is a type of dangerous and prohibited drug derived from the extract of mushrooms in rye. In humans, LSD can change the mind and mood of its users.

If only in humans, LSD can cause such a bad effect, then how does it affect animals? In order to answer this curiosity, in August 1962, researchers from Oklahoma visited the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City.

Worst Animal Experiment Ever

Research on turkey sexual tendencies

In the 1960s, two researchers from Pennsylvania State University conducted a study on the sexual predilection of a turkey. So when mating season comes, they put a mock female turkey and let the male turkey look at it to see how the male turkey will react.

Instead of refusing, the male turkey approached the female KW turkey and tried to mate with her. It didn’t stop there, these researchers began to take some parts of the female turkey’s body gradually to determine the reaction of the male turkey.

Starting from taking the tail, both legs, a pair of wings, even the body, leaving only the head supported by wood. As a result, the feeling of the male turkey is still the same as before.

Lazarus project

Trying to revive a dead creature is an impossible task, even for today’s technology. But believe it or not, there was a researcher who had tried to do it in the 1930s. He is Robert E. Cornish, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley.

Robert believes that he can bring dead creatures back to life as long as they don’t suffer organ damage. The study began by suffocating four dogs and then dying, and placing them in a strange machine that circulates blood. To make the experiment successful, Robert E. Cornish then injected a mixture of adrenaline and an anticoagulant.

The result? Two of the four dogs died, while the other two managed to live for months with severe brain damage and blindness.

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The closeness of humans and dolphins

Usually, living things will mate with living things of the same species with them. But who would have thought, that there are animals that have ever mate with humans. In 1967, dolphin researcher John Cunningham Lilly tried to teach dolphins to speak English.

First, Lilly turned a room into a pond, then asked her assistant Margaret to stay and teach a male dolphin named Peter English. Over time, Peter became closer to Margaret, Peter even tried several times to marry Margaret.

For the sake of experimentation, Lilly asks Margaret to fulfill Peter’s sexual needs. In the end, their relationship ended tragically. After the research was completed, Margaret left Peter and broke the poor dolphin’s heart, then ‘suicide’ by refusing to come to the surface to catch his breath.

Monkey head transplant

Although difficult, transplantation is something that happens quite often nowadays. But it’s a different story if you go back to 1963. At that time, transplants were not a common procedure, and researchers still wonder if they could do it?

To answer that question, the research team from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio decapitated two monkeys, and then transplanted the monkey heads into other monkeys. Well, the monkey did manage to live again for one day in a paralyzed condition, before finally dying the next day.…

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