The Cruelest Psychological Experiment

The Cruelest Psychological Experiment

The Cruelest Psychological Experiment –  Psychological Experiments are experiments that are quite rarely carried out by scientists compared to other experiments, but this psychological experiment is no less sadistic than other experiments.

Psychology is always interesting to discuss and study. Knowing human nature and how it is formed helps us understand ourselves and how the world and society work.

But did you know that in the process of acquiring these knowledge, there are often terrible experiments being carried out? Whether it’s the experiment on animals or humans themselves. The following is an inhuman psychological experiment that ever happened.

1. Electric shock therapy to children

This practice was common in the 1960s. One of them is by Dr. Lauretta Bender who works at Creedmore Hospital in New York. He selected the children who would be the subject of the experiment through interviews using the method of applying a small pressure to the heads of the children who were collected in a group.

Those who respond to that pressure are considered by Bender to be an early symptom of schizophrenia. By providing the electrocution method, Bender believed it was able to cure the children. There are at least 100 children who follow this therapy with the youngest children aged three years.

2. The Aversion Project

In the apartheid era of South Africa, Dr. Aubrey Levin was assigned the task of healing homosexuals. Thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned in the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital.

There they found an electroconpulsive method to “cure” the homosexual condition. The practice was that these homosexual men were shown pictures of naked men and told to fantasize about it before finally getting electric shocks.

3. Experiment with facial expressions

University of Minnesota psychologist Carney Landis conducted a study in 1924 to determine facial expressions. Specifically, Landis wants to know the expression of someone who is happy, happy, afraid, sad, disgusted and others. He also recruited several students and gave them stimulants which would later photograph their faces.

The facial expression stimulants include pornography, ammonia, touching reptiles and beheading rats. One third of the participants were willing to behead the mice even though they did not know how to behead the right way. The rest refused, Landis himself beheaded the mice.

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4. Bobo Doll Experiment

Still the same in the 1960s, there was an experiment that aimed to demonstrate how children learn about a habit. The Albert Bandura experiment collected 72 children of school age with a large doll named Bobo.

Bandura shows adults who act cruelly to Bobo to the children and leave the children one by one alone with the doll. From there, the children began to torture Bobo, even in harsh conditions. Bandura did this research twice and got the same results.

5. Study of monsters

In 1939, 22 orphans living in Davenport, Iowa were subjected to psychological tests. To study the problem of stuttering, the 22 children were divided into two groups. The first group received positive speech therapy and was consistently praised for her speech skills.

The other group received negative speech therapy in which they received exclusion for any imperfect speech. The result was that those in the second group who at that time were still able to speak normally ended up having speech problems for the rest of their lives.


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